Ruffler Attachment attachment

Ruffler Attachment attachment

This week I have been making some aprons with ruffles around the edges.  I had been putting off the job because of all the gathering, but then a saw a ruffler attachment video on facebook.  Wait a minute!  I own a ruffler!  I’ve never used it, but it’s been sitting in the accessory box all these years.


Ruffler Attachment attachment installed on machine


It ruffles like a dream!  It ruffled its way through metres and metres of narrow strips in no time, and soon I was stitching the ruffles to the apron edges.  I can see myself using this much more often.  Here it is in 16 seconds of action:

Ruffler Attachment attachment in action

Do you have one?  Before you use it, put a drop of oil on the moveable parts.  When it’s installed, periodically check the screws that hold the foot and needle; they work loose from the movement of the ruffler.  When ruffling, feed the fabric in of its own accord at a medium pace, otherwise the ruffler will occasionally skip a beat (I ran the fabric through too fast in the video).  It won’t ruffle the first inch of fabric.


Ruffler Attachment attachment finished ruffle



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