That old army coat

Early next year I’m planning to make a zero waste coat. I plan these things ahead: a few zero waste layouts are rolling around in my head, I’ve found/bought fabric for samples (despite the number of sheep here, it’s not easy to buy wool coating in Australia in January) and I’m considering the garment details….and…

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A conservative skirt

This week I just finished making myself a lined wool pencil skirt, a project so conservative and ordinary I wondered if I should blog about it. It took two evenings to sew, after I’d cut it out, and I wore it yesterday for the first time.  It worked out really well and was very comfortable.…

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I went to visit a farm one day

sheep shearing shearer shearing a sheep

Yesterday my family visited the shearing shed of some friends.  Sheep shearing was in full swing with three shearers, two roustabouts and two wool classers.  Everyone was working very hard but there was a friendly ambience. Sheep shearing is extremely hard work, and is said to be the same as running two marathons -one in…

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