The Disappointing Trousers

The Disappointing Trousers sketch and swatch

This week I tried out a zero waste trouser draft I came across on Pinterest.  Actually, it wasn’t a draft – more like a sketch of an idea.  (This isn’t the picture I had but it’s very similar.) The problem was, I didn’t realise that these trousers are intended to be baggy.  Really baggy.  They…

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Celebrating corduroy

Do you love wearing corduroy? I do. It’s a feel-good fabric that oozes comfort, warmth, and happy 1970’s nostalgia. This Friday the 11th is National Corduroy Appreciation Day, as proclaimed by the (currently in recess) National Corduroy Appreciation Club.  The date, 11/11, is the number that most resembles corduroy. Yes, I know what you’re thinking,…

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Winter shorts – trousers transformation

I dug up an old UFO to finish this week -some trousers I thought I’d turn into winter shorts.  Actually, it isn’t so much an UnFinished Object, more like a project I planned and never started. About four years ago I bought two pairs of men’s suit trousers from the op shop, because the fabric…

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