New Pattern: Doll’s Clothes zero/low waste

Hi All, it’s been a while since I put out a new pattern, but this one has been a return to my sewing roots! It’s an extension pack for the zero waste cloth doll, and contains 9 outfits all with a storybook costume theme. The pattern is in my shop now; please enjoy 25% off.…

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Making a zero waste Kiabi windbreaker

The Kiabi windbreaker is a gender-neutral zero waste pattern originally developed by French brand Kiabi in collaboration with Mylène L’Orguilloux, co-founder of Zero Waste Design Online Collective . It’s been adapted into a pattern that can be sewn at home. The pattern is available here. Here’s a short video showing the design process (4:23min) The…

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A bloody good idea: zero waste cloth pads

zero waste cloth menstrual pads

If your supermarket is like ours, the shelves of feminine hygiene products are as bare as the toilet paper aisle (and the cleaning supplies, soap, meat, flour, tinned food, pasta…), with unknown date of re-supply. Lady readers, if you’re now at home all day, with possibly limited sanitary supplies, here’s an opportunity to give cloth…

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