10 DIY Present Ideas

It’s coming up to that time of Christmas and end-of-year gift giving. The truly organised will have started present-planning back in June or July, but that isn’t most people! If you’re planning to make gifts, here are 10 ideas: 1. Water bottle holder (free pattern) The pattern and instructions are here. Make one from a…

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Wrapping up 2022

Hi Everyone, this is the last blog post for 2022. The blog is now on “annual leave” until late January-ish. Many thanks indeed for reading, commenting, and suggesting useful stuff. I send each post off into the digital realm each week with little idea of who actually reads it (other than my mum) so it…

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Last post for 2019

Hi Everyone, Well, here we are at the last post for the year and we’re counting down til Christmas. Many thanks indeed for reading, writing lovely comments, and getting excited about my book. Zero Waste Sewing will be published in just under 3 months, and before then I’ll be show-and-telling more projects in the book,…

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The beards are back!

Knitted beards Hans and Lars funny

This week we dug out the knitted beard collection for some shepherds to wear in a Christmas play (I’m on the costume committee). You may remember these from a few years back (here and then here). We had a lot of fun trying them on. They look best with hats. The two loopy beards tie…

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Imagining the Magi – a trousers cutting challenge

Magi trousers 1

Next month my children will be in a Christmas musical play, which means line-learning in front of the bathroom mirror, Christmas tunes in everyone’s heads, and, naturally, costume making. One of my girls is part of the Magi, and requires loose drapey trousers for her costume. I was given a piece of maroon polyester from…

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Free pattern: Crafting some Christmas deccys

Free Pattern Crafting Christmas deccys

Fresh from last weekend’s handsewn Christmas ornament workshop: here are the decorations we made. There’s a tree, dove, love heart and baby Jesus.  All are crafted from felt using running stitch. They are very simply made, since the workshop was only 90 minutes long.  Everyone finished one or two things (all beautifully and creatively) and…

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2017 Christmas Dress

That time has swung around again where Christmas plans are underway.  This of course includes thinking about one’s Christmas day outfit.  I didn’t get around to making anything new last year, but thought I might this year. It’s rare that a garment goes perfectly right first go, but that’s what’s happened this week.  I had…

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A Christmas Day dress

A Christmas Day Dress spotty knit fabric

Ladies, Do you like to whip up a new outfit especially for the Festive Season?  How nice it is on Christmas Day to slip into a new dress you’ve made yourself, ready to greet the visitors, drink in hand! I don’t make a new outfit every year, and some years my choice has been thwarted…

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