A Christmas Day dress

A Christmas Day Dress spotty knit fabric


Do you like to whip up a new outfit especially for the Festive Season?  How nice it is on Christmas Day to slip into a new dress you’ve made yourself, ready to greet the visitors, drink in hand!

I don’t make a new outfit every year, and some years my choice has been thwarted by an unseasonably chilly Christmas Day.  I’m thinking of making something this year, but the reality is I won’t get around to it until the week before Christmas.  Meanwhile I’m interviewing some potential fabrics I have at home and deciding on a style; it has to be a dress.


A Christmas Day Dress blue marble swirl fabric with sketch

Fabric 1.  A blue marble print in pure polyester.  The colour isn’t as vibrant as it appears in this photo.  Thinking of making a bias cut dress with bateau neckline from the instructions in the book Bias Cut Blueprints, which I got for my birthday (I might review this book early next year).


A Christmas Day Dress pink tropical floral fabric with sketch

Fabric 2.  A very fresh looking floral tropical print.  It’s a stretch woven.  Thinking of a sleeveless dress with three rows of shirring at the front, however, I’m aware that floral dresses can look like nighties if one isn’t careful.  This fabric might make a pretty skirt instead.


A Christmas Day Dress spotty knit fabric with sketch

Fabric 3.  A spotty knit bought at Spotlight ages ago, with great intentions to make a Diane Von Furstenburg-style wrap dress before I realised they don’t suit flat chests.  Wondering whether a wrap dress with a gathered front might work?


A Christmas Day Dress 60's fabric

Fabric 4.  I also found this genuine 1960’s fabric, but I can’t think what I would make except for a genuine 1960’s style dress.  It’s very synthetic, and a tiny bit see-through so it would need a lining.


Enjoy your Christmas sewing,



Update: I never made a dress in the end; Christmas Day ended up being 40 degrees and I found a little-worn sleeveless dress (made by me) in my wardrobe and wore that.  However, on a whim I made a Christmas dress for each of my girls:

A Christmas Day Dress girls dresses

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