Zero Waste and Fabric Economy

Sometimes I hear the throwaway line: zero waste patterns often use more fabric than regular patterns. Maybe that’s the person’s experience (or they’re repeating something they’ve heard), however, my own observations show the opposite. Actually, I didn’t notice just how economical zero waste patterns could be until I’d made lots. Sometimes the fabric savings are…

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What to wear to an author talk when you’re the author

What to wear to an author talk when you're the author

Our wonderful library has booked me in for my very first author talk on Tuesday 5th September. As most of us do when planning an important occasion, I thought: I wonder what I’ll wear?  Should I make something new or wear something I already have? I’ve come up with these criteria: Bright colour to stand…

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Free Pattern: Pussycat Bow

Free Pattern Pussycat Bow cream print blouse

The pussycat bow blouse.  Margaret Thatcher wore them.  So did my high school maths teacher, and a million air hostesses.  Mel Trump wore a pink one, and lately Evan Rachel Woods wore a supremely elegant one to the Golden Globe Awards.  It’s certainly a very smart yet feminine way to wear a blouse. The pussycat…

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