Free pattern: water bottle holder

This pattern appeared in my newsletter a few years ago, and the ones we made have been so spectacularly useful that I thought I’d share it as a blog post.

I made them with my children, and they’ve taken them on school camps, on walks, to swimming and on their bikes.

A strap length of one metre is ample for children and skinny adults, but if you’re a bigger person experiment with the length before you cut it.
For a printable pattern, there’s a pdf at the bottom of this post.

My children made their own and embroidered their names and other embellishments on them. I drew the outline in water soluble pen and they stitched it in pearl cotton.

free pattern water bottle holder with embroidery

We used some denim pieces from jeans, but if you have skinny jeans that measure about 15cm/6″ flat across the ankle you can just cut off the required length as shown below. The hem of the jeans becomes the top of the water bottle holder.

Using skinny jeans to make a water bottle holder
Obviously it’s harder to add embellishments since the fabric isn’t flat, but it makes a very fast-to-sew project.
Cutting out the end corners of a water bottle holder
Lay the tube flat (with the jeans leg seams not aligned, otherwise you’ll get a bulky seam junction) and cut out the corners.
Sewing a waterbottle holder cut from jeans
Turn the tube inside out and sew the long seam across the end.
Sewing the short ends of the water bottle holder
Sew the two short seams at each end to make the water bottle 3D. (Clearly I haven’t yet sewn the previous seam – it’s still pinned.)
Water bottle ready to add the strap
Add the strap and you’re done!


To print the pattern below, click on the double chevrons in the top right hand corner.

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