From waist bag to backpack

Years ago, in the city on a stinking hot day, I saw a young woman on a bicycle, freewheeling along the city street. She was wearing a strappy sundress, sandals, and had a tiny backpack/handbag on her back. She coasted past me as I walked along the hot pavement, and I rather envied her looking…

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New-ish pattern: zero waste tie front top

The tie front top is one of the most popular patterns in Zero Waste Sewing. It was the first pattern I made for the book; I made all the patterns just over 3 years ago now. The pattern in the book only comes in 5 sizes, to fit a 34″/86cm bust to a 42″/106cm. However,…

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New pattern: zero waste bag duo

Hi Everyone, I have a new zero waste pattern. Actually it’s two patterns, both bags. It’s in my Etsy shop now; please enjoy 25% off for the next month. Both patterns are together in the same listing. They’re very suitable for walking, cycling….or making as presents for the walker or cyclist in your life! Both…

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No Sweat! Xanthea becomes a fleecy top

I’ve just whipped up a fleecy top using the new zero waste Xanthea t-shirt pattern. The pattern comes with a long sleeve option. The Xanthea pattern is in my shop with 25% off for the next two weeks. If you’re thinking of making a fleecy top from a Xanthea pattern, here’s the ribbing measurements based…

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Xanthea in stripes

Xanthea in stripes worn by Liz

Thank you All, for your positive reception to the zero waste Xanthea t-shirt pattern last week. A couple of people asked to see what it looked like in striped fabric. If you’re reading this with a view to making a Xanthea in stripes, here’s some details… Here’s an exclusive excerpt from The Dressmaker’s Companion on…

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New Pattern: Xanthea Zero Waste T-shirt

Hi Everyone, I have a new pattern: introducing Xanthea, a zero waste t-shirt. It’s in my Etsy shop now; please enjoy 25% off for the next month. The Xanthea t-shirt comes in nineteen sizes, to fit a 86cm/34″ bust to a 177cm/70″. The fit is loose and slightly boxy. It’s designed for knit fabrics such…

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Making a zero waste bra

Last week I shared my bra-making exploits which led to trying to make a zero waste bra pattern. The prototype got worn this week. The fit was fine and the pattern works – Yay! There were some problems to report though: I used an elastic that was too rough next to the skin and I…

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Brrrr! A sundress in June

Sundress in June

Yep, it’s a bit chilly for sundress wearing here in southern Australia, but I made this dress as a Sew together for Summer Instagram sewing challenge. Obviously the theme works better for the Northern Hemisphere! The idea is to sew a sundress and post a photo using #sewtogetherforsummer. If you also use #s21entry, you could…

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Sandie goes ultra-rural

Sandie shirt with ruffles and zip

This week I’ve got some fun variations of the Sandie shirt to show you. Sandie is a new minimal waste pattern and it’s in my shop now. Please enjoy 25% off during May. But first, remember last week I told you about the real Sandie? Here’s a photo of her when she was young. I…

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New Pattern: the Sandie shirt

Sandie shirt

Finally! Introducing my new pattern, the Sandie shirt. It’s in my shop now; please enjoy 25% off during May. This pattern has taken a long time to develop and write, and it’s the most ambitious one I’ve attempted yet. I’m extremely happy with it – the samples have firmly worked their way into my wardrobe…

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