Book recommendation: The Art of Dressing

Art of Dressing cover

Have you ever read a book that came just at the right time?

The Art of Dressing by Tziporah Salamon was like that for me.

I borrowed it from the library last week and had been feeling sort of flat about fashion and dressing. Uninspired, a bit bored.

This book, in all its colour and gorgeous textiles, was like a shot in the arm.

Art of Dressing antique chinese robes 2

The author, Tziporah Salamon, is an over-50 style icon who appeared in the book and documentary Advanced Style and in Lavin’s advertising campaigns. In this book she profiles 10 older women who dress interestingly, as well as herself.

After I’d looked through the beautiful photographs, some taken by Bill Cunningham, I realised the book was actually a charmingly written memoir. After telling the story of her childhood in Israel and her family’s move to the US, Tziporah discusses the journey of finding one’s own style, and how she developed hers.

Art of Dressing antique chinese robes 1
Tziporah has a collection of antique Chinese robes which she wears with flair.
Art of Dressing biking in orange
There are several cycling photos. Lucky they don’t have helmet laws in NYC.
Art of Dressing green jacket closeup
Look at the detail on this jacket.
Art of Dressing black and white stripes
I did appreciate how the surroundings thoughtfully matched the outfits.
Art of Dressing hats
Almost every outfit in the book is worn with a hat.

If you enjoyed Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced Style, you’ll definitely like The Art of Dressing, which has some of the same ladies in it. You may enjoy reading more about them.



  1. Beverley Johonesmith on June 12, 2022 at 9:07 pm

    I love the look of all of it.

    • lizhaywood on June 14, 2022 at 10:20 am

      It’s a gorgeous book!

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