Me-Made-May 2019 musings

Me Made May 2019 musings

As Me-Made-May draws to a close, it’s time for reflection, review and possibly some wardrobe analysis/recommendations.

This Me-Made-May is my third and I was a little more relaxed. “The Daily Photo” of my outfits is on display here on Instagram.

Mainly, I haven’t been so hung up on not wearing the same clothes several times in a row like I do for the other eleven months of the year, although I have tried to bring in things I don’t wear often and tried new combinations. It helps when I have sewing classes or appointments to dress up for.

As with many country dwellers, my clothes collection has quite definite boundaries between At Home clothes and Going Out clothes, with a further sub-category of At Home Doing Dirty Jobs clothes. My wardrobe is a cross-category mixture of Me-mades and RTW. I sometimes change in to At Home clothes upon arriving home from town, but I prefer to get dressed in the morning, end of subject.

As noted at the beginning of May, the percentage of me-made clothes in my wardrobe is shrinking due to a serious underexposure to fabric shops.

You might recall that as well as endeavoring to wear two me-made items each day of May (a top and a bottom) I committed to three other things:

  1. finish a UFO

2. alter/fix something so it could be worn

3. make something new

The first two have already been ticked off. I finally finished off this zip front top and have been happily wearing it.

MMM day 22

Item number two, the alteration, was this brown skirt:

MMM18 Day 13

The back lining has a tear in it. I heard the ripping sound as I sat down and haven’t worn the skirt since.

Me Made May 2019 musings brown skirt lining with hole

To fix it, I let out the side seams in the lining so that the lining wasn’t so tight (which caused the problem), then stitched up the tear. I just butted the edges together and zig zagged….

Me Made May 2019 musings brown skirt lining with hole repaired

…with a strip of cotton tape underneath to reinforce it:

Me Made May 2019 musings brown skirt lining with hole repaired view underneath

It turned out better than I thought.

The third item on the list (“make something new”) has yet to be actioned.

I was planning to make this zero waste dress, and still want to, but now that it’s nearly winter I’ve lost a bit of motivation since I won’t be able to wear it for a while.

Other possibilities include some replacement taupe corduroy trousers using this fabric:

Me Made May 2019 musings taupe corduroy

Or this pre-printed backpack kit my mum bought me in Japan:

Me Made May 2019 musings japanese back pack close up of instructions

Or all of the above?

We’ll find out next week!



  1. Chiggy Schiller on May 27, 2019 at 6:15 pm

    Hi Liz,

    I love the skirt! You’re the master of alteration!! Good luck with your project!!!


    • lizhaywood on May 27, 2019 at 6:18 pm

      Thank you Chiggy. I think the skirt’s a bit “you”!

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