Recommended Reading: Talley, Fassett and McMaster

Yes, Talley, Fassett and McMaster sounds somewhat like an academic paper, but they’re the authors of three interesting books I’ve just finished reading. The Chiffon Trenches – a memoir The Chiffon Trenches – a memoir by Andre Leon Talley (2020 Harper Collins). (Note: small very font.) I was alerted to this book after reading Andre…

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Talking about the business of fashion

Yesterday I had the opportunity to do my first live in-person talk in almost exactly 2 years. Usually I feel nervous before talks but this time I was so excited! It was a networking event hosted by Her Business Collective, with a fashion theme. Her Business Collective is a South Australian group which supports women…

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4 pieces of advice for fashion students

Advice for fashion students

This week’s short post is inspired by a conversation I had with a high school student. What would I say to someone planning to study fashion? What would I have said to my 17 year old self? Learn how to sew. If you understand how clothes are constructed before commencing your fashion studies, you’ll be…

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