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The Disappointing Trousers

This week I tried out a zero waste trouser draft I came across on Pinterest.  Actually, it wasn’t a draft – more like a sketch of an idea.  (This isn’t the picture I had but it’s very similar.) The problem was, I didn’t realise that these trousers are intended to be baggy.  Really baggy.  They…

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Zero Waste wrap skirt

The 6-gore wrap skirt is my most popular post.  I wear the original blue peanut print wrap skirt regularly in summer and always get a comment. This week I revisited the the draft and made myself a new one.  It’s about 10cm longer, and 7 gore instead of 6.  With an odd number of gores,…

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Book review Zero Waste Fashion

The book Zero Waste Fashion by Timo Rissanen and Holly McQuillan (Bloomsbury 2016) has arrived and I’m keen to share my thoughts on it with you.  I ordered it last month when I wrote Considering zero waste fashion, which has become my second highest visited post. There are many things I liked about this book,…

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