Vogue 2507, 30 years on

Vogue 2607

Not many people can say they still have something in their wardrobe they sewed 30 years ago and still wear. I realised that I do! I sewed Vogue 2507 when I was 16 years old in the late 1980’s. It’s designed by Claude Montana, whose runway collections didn’t appeal to me at the time. (I…

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A lifetime of sewing patterns: a tribute

A lifetime of sewing patterns

Last week I got a call from a man offering me his late wife’s sewing patterns. Her name was Carol. I took the patterns to my sewing class, but before the class I looked through them all. Carol’s pattern collection reflected a lifetime of sewing, beginning in the late 1960’s with some cute maternity patterns…

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The unexpected conclusion to the hug-me-tight experiment

Conclusion of the hug me tight experiment white cotton 2

Last week’s hug-me-tight experiment has taken an unexpected turn. You can read about the adventure so far here. This is the cutting concept I started with: I felt that the maroon double knit hug-me-tight that I was experimenting with was too short (it finished at my waist), although the sleeves were good and the collar…

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The hug-me-tight experiment

hug me tight

Folks, I’m not sure what to call this garment I’ve been experimenting with this week. I’ve seen it called a hug-me-tight but does it have another name? Some sort of shrug? The cutting concept is very simple and can easily be zero waste: John Galliano did a very glamorous brocade hug-me-tight for Dior spring/summer 1998.…

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Happy 60th, Barbie

Happy 60th Barbie

March 9th is the 60th birthday of the barbie doll.  While there’s much to be read on the history of Barbie, today’s post is my tribute to my own. Yes, while Barbie is controversial and perpetuates unrealistic body expectations for girls who we’re trying to raise into confident, happy women who are comfortable with their…

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Behold my zero waste jeans

zero waste jeans

On the weekend I finished my zero waste jeans, and here they are! Read about my research and the beginning of my quest, cutting out, and the start of sewing them. The sewing turned out to be fairly straight forward, much like sewing ordinary jeans. There were some unusual shapes which were tamed as I…

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Cheers to three years

Cheers to three years

We’re taking a little break from zero waste jeans this week to charge the glasses for The Craft of Clothes’s third birthday! I thank you all sincerely for reading, your lovely comments and helpful insights. There have been many hits and misses in my blogging/sewing life over the past three years. Let’s recap some of…

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Stitchin’ away at those zero waste jeans

Zero waste jeans front knee patches sewn

Work is part way through the zero waste jeans project (last week I cut them out and the week before I did research and procrastinated). I’m happy with how things are going so far and I’m enjoying putting them together. I forgot to buy a zip so I’ve done everything possible before the fly front…

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Zero waste jeans: The Quest continues….

Zero waste jeans The Quest continues on

I’ve just cut out my first pair of zero waste jeans and the pieces are sitting here waiting to be sewn. Read my first post on this here. The jeans have all the details of regular jeans: 5 pockets, fly front, waistband and back yoke. The aim was to make a zero waste layout so…

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On a quest for zero waste jeans

Zero waste jeans fabric

An item which isn’t on my sewing bucket list (but should be) is to make a pair of zero waste jeans. What do I mean by zero waste jeans? I mean a pair of jeans cut using 100% of the fabric, with no scraps, offcuts or waste. The layout needs to fit neatly within the…

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