Zero Waste Zoom workshops

Hi! I have two upcoming zoom workshops, both about zero waste.

Making the Grade – zero waste grading strategies

I’m excited to be presenting this workshop for Zero Waste Design Online.

It’s on September 6th 2021. If you live in South Australia it’s at 10pm, for Europe it’s around midday, and it’s in the morning for North America.

Tickets cost €29 (with 20 early bird tickets available for just €25 – first come first serve!). A 50% student discount is also available. Get your ticket here. Can’t make it live? The session will be recorded to watch later.

Grading refers to the process of turning a sample size into additional smaller or larger sizes. This is a two hour long workshop discussing grading strategies for zero waste layouts.

During the workshop we will cover topics including:

🔸 Traditional grading, including plus-sizes, with a refresher course on skirts, trousers and top/sleeves.

🔹 Some ways to offer sizing flexibility in a zw pattern beyond an inclusive size range.

🔸 How to fit-test your ZW grading.

🔹 Grading extended sleeve and square-cut garments, as these are often used in zw.

🔸 Some grading strategies for zero waste cutting layouts, with plenty of examples.

🔹 Some examples of my zw grading failures!

Please join us for this amazingly informative and practical course which will aid in your Zero Waste pattern making journey. I forward to seeing you there!

If you have any questions get in touch at

Zero Waste Legacy Sewing

Registrations are now open for Zero Waste Legacy Sewing, a zoom workshop presented by me and hosted by Lisa and Lara of Twins N Needles.

If you missed out in May, this workshop is at a better time for European residents.

We’ll be looking at three historical zero waste garment’s patterns and I’ll show you some ways we can use them today. They are: Bog coat (Bronze age), Eura costume (Viking) and a Mr Darcy shirt (Regency).

It’s on September 18th, 7.30am-9.30am USA Eastern Daylight time. If you live in South Australia, it’s at 9pm on September 18th. In the UK it’s at 12.30pm and for Central European time it’s at 1.30pm.

Registration is $US35 and the session will be recorded to watch later. You can register here.