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You are welcome to use this pattern for sewing classes. I have used it very successfully for teen sewing classes.

It takes an average of 3 hours to sew; experienced adults take about 2 hours, and new-to-sewing-never-used-a-machine-before teens take about 4 hours.

Practice putting the eyelets on before the class, and set up a station for doing this on somewhere like a concrete step. Suggest that one person, such as the teacher, install the eyelets for everyone.

Bring plenty of spare heavy duty sewing machine needles for students.

If sourcing denim for the class, ask at a second hand shop if they have jeans they’re unable to sell (eg people donated them with holes in etc). That way you’re using textiles they would otherwise throw away.

Before class, make cardboard pattern pieces so that students can simply trace around them. Make a couple of sets.

Make a sample before class, so that everyone can try it on and check the size and strap length.