Zero waste cloth menstrual pad PDF pattern


A zero waste sewing pattern for making your own cloth menstrual pads.
This sewing pattern is zero waste in two ways: firstly, cloth pads save disposable pads from ending up in landfill. Secondly, the pattern pieces are tessellated to fit exactly together so no fabric is wasted.

These pads are very simple to make, even if you haven’t sewn much, and can be made from fabrics you probably have at home already: soft cotton fabric and towelling. A waterproof layer is optional.

There are two sizes: medium (20cm/8″ long) and large (25cm/10″) long. There are two options for construction, depending on whether you’d like a pad with a removable core or not.

Please note this is a DIGITAL sewing pattern, NOT a physical product.
It consists of a pattern sheet (4 pages) and complete instructions (8 pages) to print out at home.
The instructions are in metric and imperial.

Usage and selling: this pattern may not be shared, copied or given away. This pattern can be used to make physical items to sell.