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Yarn magazine issue 43: Getting closure

Yarn magazine issue 43

Yarn magazine issue 43 came out this week featuring my very last article, aptly named Get some Closure.  It’s been almost six years since I began writing articles for Yarn, and ten years since they published my first project.  There are no terrible reasons why I’ve decided to stop being a contributor; I’ve simply just…

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…still knitting BIG

Nundle 72 ply caravan yarn texture detail

Last week’s chunky shawl knitted in 72ply Nundle Mills wool has been unraveled and re-knitted as a scarf.         Last week after blogging about the shawl, I happened to see a woman in the town wearing a skinny scarf knitted in similar-sized chunky wool.  Hers was cream chenille (to co-ordinate with her…

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Yarn magazine issue 42: Makin’ it BIG

Yarn magazine issue 42 front cover

Yarn magazine issue 42 has just come out with my article on Knitting Big.  It was a very enjoyable and interesting one to write. As part of the article, I arm knitted a scarf using 72ply wool from Nundle Mills.     I confess I never wore the scarf -it lay draped over the back…

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Yarn magazine issue 41: All laced up

Yarn mag issue 41 front cover

Issue 41 of Yarn magazine came out this month, featuring my article on designing your own lace with a companion project, the leaf and caterpillar scarf (it’s the orange scarf on the cover).  I used the project as the design example in the article.  The scarf was returned to me last week, just in time…

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