2017 Christmas Dress

That time has swung around again where Christmas plans are underway.  This of course includes thinking about one’s Christmas day outfit.  I didn’t get around to making anything new last year, but thought I might this year.

It’s rare that a garment goes perfectly right first go, but that’s what’s happened this week.  I had planned to look glamorous this festive season and wear a dress in sequinned fabric.  It’s been some time since I sewed with sequins but I enjoy using interesting fabrics.  I did a sketch and made a pattern.  As you might know, sequinned fabrics require simple styles with as few seams as possible.  Sleeveless, side zip, cowl neckline, A-line skirt, side seams.  Thought I would bind the armholes.

I cut a wearable toile from some firmly woven cotton batik fabric.  It’s either a sarong or a tablecloth, but I bought it from the op shop ages ago thinking “tablecloth”.  It’s not real batik; just a printed batik design.  It looks like a pattern of lyrebirds and flowers.

Well, I like it so much I don’t think I’ll worry about the sequins!


2017 Christmas Dress modelled by Liz

I will wear this with bare arms, so please excuse my woollen spencer; it’s unseasonably cool and wildly windy too!


2017 Christmas Dress back view

The back is plain with no centre back seam.


2017 Christmas Dress underarm zip

The zip finishes at the underam, but not sure how I’ll go with bare arms and a zip tab.  Update: it’s fine, can’t feel it.


2017 Christmas Dress belt fabric

Narrow belts usually improve dresses on me (giving the illusion of a waist), so I will try making a tie belt from the printed borders at each end of the fabric.


2017 Christmas Dress front view on hangar


Please enjoy your Christmas sewing!






  1. rae on December 27, 2017 at 8:43 am

    Lovely dress

    • lizhaywood on December 27, 2017 at 4:26 pm

      Thanks, Rae. It’s lovely to wear, too.

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